Diverse Language

I do believe that one should learn English because this is “America”
But not to the extent to where you taunt someone and disrespect someone because of it. We are a diverse country and if till this date you can’t deal with it, then you’ll find yourself dealing with a personal problem. You might expect for clients to speak your language because “This is America” yet you require someone who is bilingual at the front desk? Most companies much rather lose business as appose to learning a new language. And yet we have schools all over the country teaching kids languages that are not really in need here in America. Yes English is the most commonly used language in the states however the English language has never set to be the national language for the U.S. and till this day any reform bill that has been brought up to pass such proposal, has been denied. Ignorance is bliss people! Open up to learning something new, READ A BOOK! This is America, the America of diverse nationalities and I doubt that will ever change.

Engagement/Marriage in today’s generation

Why is it so wrong to desire marriage with your significant other at an early age? Early 20’s nowadays are looked at as teen years. Reason being because it’s a generation who bases half their life living choices off of social media or thoughts from others, what will be said, who will criticize, what will they think. It’s saddening to know that ones true feelings can no longer be expressed because the thought of others criticizing ones actions scares it all off, is it not true? I can agree with the fact that most of this generation is definitely not mature or at that matter as wise as it should be. We can’t blame our elders for thinking this way, but we can change their views on our ways of being or at least try and correct them. Some of us have our paths on the right direction and others not so much, some sacrifice for their future and others sacrifice for the thought and judgement of a group of people who have no kind of use to their lives. If this generation based their choices and acts off of what they truly desired it would have a much more successful route. Taking it back to marriage, a decision will never be a sure decision at whatever age you are. Financially you are more secure at an elder age but being engaged at a young age sometimes takes an impact when it comes to money, school and other life living journeys. This doesn’t always apply to everyone though which brings me to the main point in all of this. Wanting to marry your significant other doesn’t automatically mean putting everything off and aside. Being engaged to someone means working two times harder for everything in life, it means learning how to trust one another without doubt, and giving each other the desire to want to be with one another because it feels right. Nothing else matters, not the group of people on Twitter, not the amount of likes on Facebook or Instagram or judgement of any other. YOU is what matters along with your loved one. The judgement from a friend, a social media guru or just a plain ass, is no where near as important as the love and care and right judgement of your significant other.


Deorro @ Stereo Live, Houston TX, June 2014

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Superhero families take their kids back to school. [source]

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why would you make a pokemon try to operate a camera when there are like 20 people there

cuz psyduck 
Why does Sponge Bob look high af?





If you played with Barbies,



Polly Pockets,


Beanie Babies,




Slip N’ Slide,


And Furbies,


Listened to the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync and the Spice Girls




On Hit Clips, a Boom Box, or a Walkman,


Collected and traded Pokemon cards,


Wrote with Gel Pens,


Wore butterfly clips,


And Snap Bracelets,


And remember watching these guys:



My childhood in one post

I actually whispered “oh my god….” halfway through

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Kid Cudi at the photoshoot for New Era Caps this week.

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#70 years later and still accurate as fuck

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